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  • High-efficiency agriculture demonstration area

    Japanese-style elevated soilless strawberry planting techniques, focused on showing: elevated planting, A-frame planting, lifting system planting and other different planting methods. A harvesting greenhouse of 30,000 square meters has been built, and famous Japanese varieties such as "Hongyan", "Yuexin" and "Snow White" have been introduced. The "soil" used for planting is imported coconut chaff (fiber after crushed coconut husk) and irrigation water is used for drinking Water standards and the use of agricultural facilities to isolate air pollution from pests and diseases.

    The strawberry is green, pollution-free, hormone-free, and has a sweet taste. It has been certified as a pollution-free agricultural product. At the same time, radiation will drive surrounding residents to plant 500 acres of strawberries with high standards. The strawberries after planting will be picked, recycled and sold in a unified manner, driving farmers to become rich. 

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