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  • Camp security

    (One)Staffing and responsibilities

    1. Professional camp mentor: responsible for the leadership, guidance and team management of camp activities:

    2.Camp professional teacher team: responsible for the execution and guidance of activities in the camp;

    3.School leader: assist the camp instructor to guide the relevant content imported before class;

    4.Accompanying personnel: safety management personnel, professional medical staff, life teachers, food supervisors, first aid workers, logistics support personnel。

    (Two)Service Guarantee

    Environment Guarantee:The training is carried out in modernization, and the learning and training atmosphere is strong; the training activities are safe and equipped with full-time safety supervision inspectors: instructors on duty 24 hours patrol;

    Management Guarantee:Strictly implement the one-day life system of the army, and the 24-hour follow-up system for coaches, instructors, coaches and security personnel;

    Course Guarantee:The curriculum design highlights the military characteristics and conforms to the characteristics of the young age; the teaching staff is composed of retired military instructors and lecturers who have been focusing on quality education research in primary and secondary schools for many years;

    Catering Guarantee:Formulate recipes according to the guidance of nutrition experts and the diet structure of the child, pay attention to diet science, and match meat and vegetables;

    Accommodation Guarantee:Every 8-15 trainees are equipped with a coach to eat and live with the trainees, responsible for the safety of the trainees’ lives, each room has a separate bathroom with hot water baths, and separate sleeping rooms for men and women are managed in a closed manner;

    Medical Guarantee:Team doctors are on duty 24 hours a day. If the trainees feel unwell, the team doctors can take emergency treatment. If the situation is serious, go to the hospital for treatment in time;

    Accident Insurance:Handle public liability insurance in the park for trainees;

    Traffic guarantee:According to the formal agreement, the Transportation Group provides air-conditioned buses and experienced drivers with more than 10 years of driving experience to drive: at least two instructors for each car bring the car;

    Communication Guarantee:The camp leader is turned on 24 hours a day, parents can understand the situation of their children at any time, and daily activity photos are uploaded in the parent group in time.

    Awareness trainingThe first step of self-management is life safety managementSafety slogan--Come as whole, Leave as whole
    Safety slogan--Nothing is worth your life
    Read the safety instructions carefully and mobilize before the war to increase safety awareness
    Safety Course
    Acting as an event security officer
    Camp safety inspection
    Practical trainingDisaster prevention learning (fire/earthquake/elevator failure/kidnapping, etc.)
    First aid skills learning and training
    360-degree security managementfood safetyCamp food safety standardsOperation Management StandardFully enclosed camp operation management
    Understand that students are allergic to foods and contraindicated foods.Exclusive insurance for camp activities
    staySame-sex tutor dormitory management systemAll aspects of camp physical and mental safety standard system
    24-hour residential area patrol24-hour full guardianship camp management
    useSafety slogan24-hour living area patrol
    Equipment safety reminder slogan24-hour full-time security personnel monitoring of key areas
    Complete equipment safety quality inspection certificate24-hour parent WeChat group real-time communication
    Daily equipment safety inspection process24-hour standby emergency vehicle
    RowCamp shuttle vehicle traffic operation qualification24-hour emergency medical room
    Professional operating vehicle driver24-hour green channel linkage of surrounding hospitals
    Instructor requirementsCamp instructors pass international first aid trainingCamper Safety Code of Conduct( buddy system )
    Camp instructors strictly respect the safety rules of the campPay attention to the physical and mental health of campers daily
    No bad record verificationDaily equipment safety inspection process
    Camp instructors are not allowed to be alone with campers
    Same-sex tutors take care of campers’ special circumstances
    Summer camp leader ratio 1:5~1:10
    Process controlBefore the eventSafety checklistDuring the activitySafe control/Supervise/remind/recording/Correction system for unsafe behavior
    Key game/Establishment of safety measures in the activity linkAfter the eventCommunication mechanism, emergency plan activated
    Emergency plan for extreme weather planB
    game/Safety training before the event (safe behavior and safe operation)Security review/recording/Reflection/Rewards and Punishments (Safety Star)
    Reservation Phone
    Order meal Phone
    Camp Phone
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