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  • Study trip

    Camp education takes nature as a classroom, as an effective supplement and extension of school and family education, and plays a pivotal role in the growth of children.

    YOUBANG CAMP GREEN ROCKY has an international standard camp environment, good educational concepts, professional curriculum development and camp tutors, so that your children can feel a different camp atmosphere



    Hands-on Inquiry Based Learning

    Choose and establish themes from the field of science or real life. Students can learn by doing and learning by doing, actively discovering problems, experimenting, operating, investigating, collecting and processing information, expressing and communicating and other exploratory activities to gain knowledge, train abilities, and develop Emotions and attitudes, especially to develop the spirit of exploration and innovation.


    Create an experiential learning space for campers, so that campers can acquire the ability to innovate and solve problems through experiential learning. Through a series of activities and scenarios, children can find problems, solve problems, and summarize problems for better improvement. Teamwork and problem solving skills.

    Maker classroom-drone

    The era of drones has come. Drone education covers almost all the science knowledge in school education. Training children to play drones from an early age is a magic way for children to gain experience and develop intelligence. It is also a way to cultivate spontaneity, creativity, A good way of curiosity, imagination and ability to do things. At the same time, it also makes up for the lack of practical exercises in examination-oriented education in modern society.

    Maker Classroom-Robot Programming

    In the curriculum setting, we pay more attention to sharing and interaction, and "editing" together to learn while playing to form a virtuous learning cycle, so that children can learn by doing and learn by doing so that they can better display their personalities and let children experience a sense of accomplishment and exercise in practice. Campers’ anti-frustration ability stimulates campers’ interest and learning ability, allowing campers to actively think, discover and solve problems. Improve teamwork and hands-on ability of campers.

    Woodworking workshop

    Carpentry workshops are very popular in some developed countries. Parents also advocate this kind of hands-on education. During the production process, carpenters can exercise campers’ hand-brain cooperation, analysis, spatial structure thinking, and active problem-solving thinking mode. And self-confidence.

    Pottery Workshop

    Ceramic art has irreplaceable particularity and importance in the field of modern quality education. Ceramic art has irreplaceable particularity and importance in the field of modern quality education. It can improve the aesthetic and artistic quality of campers, and can also cultivate children. Our creativity.

    Knot handmade

    Knotting is the basic skill of Pioneer Engineering and the foundation of many Scouting sports. It not only requires the understanding and use of knots, but also tests the team's ability to cooperate. Establishing a holistic view and meticulous logical ability, learning knots, is also to increase children's skills in self-help.

    fire drill

    In order to initially train campers’ awareness of public safety and improve children’s self-rescue and self-care ability in public emergencies, the AIA Elite Bay International Camp is divided into two major areas for fire safety education, indoor and outdoor teaching areas. Thereby improving psychological quality and strengthening safety awareness.

    Drug Prevention Class

    In order to let campers understand the dangers of drugs and enhance their awareness of self-protection, the AIA Elite Bay International Camp set up a drug prevention class. The class is organized in rich forms. From visiting drug models to interactive experiences, campers can learn about drugs and improve their prevention capabilities.

    Earthquake Experience Hall

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the state has gradually paid more attention to national defense education for young people. The earthquake experience courses offered by AIA Elite Bay International Camp are taught separately from theory to experience. Campers can experience immersively and learn how to escape correctly and how to save themselves. It is family education and school education is beyond reach.

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation zone

    Life Safety Education Zone

    The establishment of life safety education is of great significance. AIA Elite Bay International Camp has set up a life safety education section to help campers improve their life safety awareness in all aspects from food safety, road safety, basic first aid, and emergency rescue.

    Outdoor articles:

    Mainly include: Thomas train, kayak, pirate ship, snake crawl, honeycomb robot, mole hole, tree house observation tower, spider web pyramid, grass sliding, dry snow slide, rocky park, live CS, zip line , Quack ball, water park, bonfire, camping, Spartan warrior circuit, jungle crossing, animal feeding, equestrianism, rock climbing, high altitude broken bridge and other supporting equipment.


    Kayaking is one of the advantages of the Olympic Games in my country. It won the men's double rowing championship in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The camp has a kayaking training area, which allows campers to experience the Olympic spirit in the course and enhances the teamwork of training campers. A sense of honor with competition.

    Thomas the little train

    The Thomas train in the camp can carry 72 campers at the same time and travel around the camp for a full 1.2 kilometers. Because the train has played a vital role in the construction of China, it also helps campers to popularize Chinese production. A mobile classroom for life history.


    Unpowered equipment

    Better exercise the courage, limbs and overall coordination of campers, so that campers can learn the cooperation between teams while experiencing happiness, and better exercise the children's sensory integration ability.

    Spartan Warriors Circuit

    The Spartan Race is a world-class obstacle course. It is also a race that encourages children to get in touch with nature, exercise, run, and challenge themselves bravely. By conquering obstacles, children Gain happiness, growth, friendship and courage in the competition, and become an independent, independent, thoughtful, creative and courageous person!

    Live CS experience

    Real-life CS can not only exercise the tenacious perseverance of campers, but also comprehensively enhance campers' observation, analysis, resilience, leadership and teamwork skills.

    Expansion area

    YOUBANG CAMP GREEN ROCKY sets up expansion areas for children, adolescents, and young people according to different age groups. The content of the course implementation, in accordance with the design concept of safety, science, and system, helps students understand themselves and stimulate their personal potential: objectively position themselves and enhance self-confidence. Hone the perseverance to overcome difficulties and form a tacit understanding of cooperation among team members.

    Jungle crossing

    Jungle crossing is a green outdoor activity full of challenges and fun. It not only improves campers' physical strength and hands-on ability, but also exercises campers' courage and ability to think and solve problems independently.

    International standard campers accommodation

    The camper’s apartment of YOUBANG CAMP GREEN ROCKY employs American camp design and construction according to international standards. The campers have exclusive independent wet and dry toilets, shared learning space, and can accommodate 800 campers.

    Special accommodation space capsule

    It provides special accommodation for the campers with space topics. The internal facilities simulate the living environment of the space capsule, with sleeping area, washing area and leisure area. To varying degrees, it opened up the interest of space knowledge exploration and related learning for the campers.

    Tent camping

    Camping is a good way for campers to get in touch with nature. Campers can see, listen, touch and breathe fresh air while letting them feel life, fully satisfying their curiosity and active exploration. pleasure.

    Campers exclusive restaurant

    In the camper’s dining room, children should learn dining etiquette and respect others, consciously maintain the restaurant’s hygiene, and realize that food is hard-won. This is also an important process to enhance children’s sense of social responsibility. At the same time, the restaurant is also an ideal place for children to communicate and share friendly.

    Closed camp

    The 360-degree safety management concept of the closed camp, with a self-operated logistics management team of more than 200 people, is safe and well prepared. At the same time, it is equipped with a medical center, which is the resident of the Jiangji Town Central Hospital and a convenient police station for public security.

    Based on "SCLEP Education", YOUBANG CAMP GREEN ROCKY provides good camp courses for young people aged 5-18. We are committed to improving children's comprehensive quality education, helping young people develop their own potential, enhance team awareness, cultivate a sense of responsibility, make contributions to society, and become leaders in China and the world in the future.

    Four major products and nine series

    Since the establishment of Elite Bay, it has been based on the actual status of domestic students and cooperated with foreign educational institutions and camps to develop four major courses, including parent-child, research, study tours, and camp education, including nine series, targeting different time periods and groups. Detailed customized solutions.

    The AIA Elite Bay International Camp also made up for the lack of experience and professionalism of domestic young people. It carried out curriculum research and development in the three dimensions of education, experience and professionalism, and established a unique EDGE teaching model.

    Camp Mentor Team

    In the AIA Elite Bay International Camp, the ratio of mentors to campers is as high as 1:5. The mentor group is composed of talents from various professions around the world and domestic experienced industry experts. After strict screening, the quality of teaching is guaranteed. Children imitate learning objects well.

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