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  • Smart agriculture

    Youbang manor agriculture is divided into two major sections: smart agriculture and ecological agriculture. The 3000 square meters high-tech agriculture exhibition hall adopts high-tech planting mode, and grows various new melons, fruits and vegetables through hydroponics, fog culture, three-dimensional cultivation, and roller cultivation. It also has an agricultural product testing center, student classrooms, tissue culture rooms, rest areas, etc.; 30,000 square meters of sunlight greenhouses grow strawberries, dragon fruit, colorful tomatoes and other fruits for picking; 1,000 acres of open-air picking areas, 500 acres Hawthorn planting base in China has formed an agricultural product industry chain integrating the production, processing and sales of hawthorn. Another 500 acres of picking gardens mainly grow red apples, delicious pears, pearl oil apricots, otome begonias and other novel fruits; build on agriculture The farming culture experience area of primitive agriculture, traditional agriculture, and modern agriculture. It also displays farm furniture, farming appliances, farm stoves, rural lifestyle experiences, etc. of different ages. You can fully experience the local farming customs of Tai'an and experience the fun of farming. , Allowing you to relive the farm life and enjoy the fun of the farm.


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