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  • Sweet Red Hawthorn

    Background: Rural revitalization is first and foremost a strategic policy for industrial revitalization. It is guided by supporting the development of regional agricultural advantageous characteristic industries and intensively building advantageous characteristic industrial clusters, supporting the development of the entire agricultural industry chain, promoting the development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and striving to create modern agriculture." "New Six Industries" model.

    Features: Sweet red hawthorn has good quality, crisp and sweet taste, and has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach.

    Products: a multi-purpose hawthorn pulp beverage, fruit wine, fruit tea, fresh hawthorn, hawthorn powder, hawthorn slices and other products.

    Goal: Radiation at the foot of Caishan Mountain will drive the surrounding planting of hawthorn to reach a scale of more than 10,000 mu.

    Chain: Implement an industrial chain with an annual output of 1600 tons of pollution-free sweet red hawthorn fruit pulp beverage, and all the processing wastes of the project will be used as raw materials to enter the biogas project for resource recycling.

    Extension: Integrate Shandong Youbang Fertilizer Technology Co., Ltd. to invest 220 million yuan, add 30,000 cubic meters of biogas fermentation project and support 35,000 tons of biogas residue organic fertilizer and 12,000 tons of biogas liquid fertilizer project, which can handle planting within 7 kilometers. Wastes such as farming, domestic waste, etc. have promoted 30,000 mu of organic planting, protecting the environment, regenerating resources, driving planting and accommodating aquaculture, stimulating food processing, embellishing agricultural tourism and leisure, and developing a circular economy.

    The park mainly grows: aerial strawberries, red apples, delicious pears, pearl oil apricots, sweet red hawthorn, otome begonia, calcium fruit and other novel fruits, which can be picked and enjoyed by tourists.

    The project will also develop different varieties of agricultural products, and at the same time will gather together Ningyang County's different brands of agricultural products for centralized exhibition and sales, creating a "agricultural supermarket", becoming the new business card of Tai'an agriculture.


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